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The Interactive Graphical Environment for Research (TIGER) is available.

Image of TIGER

Benefits of using TIGER:

  • Uses a familiar Windows or Linux environment
  • Access to various software applications (MATLAB, Gaussian, full list below )
  • Variety of open-source and unrestricted programming platforms (Python, Chimera, full list below)
  • Multi TB shared storage**
  • Customized configurations to meet your research needs

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Software Installed on TIGER

Image of TIGER

Software A-M:

AFNI, ANSYS, ArcGIS, AutoDock, Avogadro, Chimera, Cutadapt, DB Browser for SQLite, Dock, DSSAT, Envision, Fastqc, FDS, Fragstats FUSION, GAMESS, Gaussian, GaussSum, GaussView, GDAL, GNUPlot, Grace, HEC-RAS, HISAT2, IRIS, Jupyter, Landis-II, LASTools, Maple, MATLAB, MaxQuant, MEGA, MGLTools

Software N-Z:

NCO, NWChem, Octave, OpenFOAM, PALM, ParView, Proj, Puma-EM, Python, QGIS, QTIME, Quantum Espresso, R, RStudio, SAGE, SALOME, Samtools, SAS, SeisSpace, Seismic Unix, Slicer, SPSS, StringTie, Synda, STAR-CCM, Texlive, Tinker, TrimGalore, VAPOR, VisIt, VSCode, WASP

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