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The Interactive Graphical Environment for Research (TIGER) is available.

The Interactive Graphical Environment for Research is the OSU research cloud managed by the OSU High Performance Computing Center. By using a series of servers and virtual

machines, TIGER fills the gap between limitations of a user's desktop computer and the much faster, more powerful computing resources of the OSU HPCC.

Image of TIGER

Benefits of using TIGER:

  • Uses a familiar Windows or Linux environment
  • Access to various software applications (MATLAB, Gaussian, full list below )
  • Variety of open-source and unrestricted programming platforms (Python, Chimera, full list below)
  • Multi TB shared storage**
  • Customized configurations to meet your research needs

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Software Installed on TIGER

All research areas across OSU utilize TIGER to answer some of todays most difficult questions. To aid these research experts in the quest to answer these questions, we offer

a wide varity of codes that have already been installed and are available to all TIGER users. A complete list of available software can be seen below.

Image of TIGER

Software A-M:

AFNI, ANSYS, ArcGIS, AutoDock, Avogadro, Chimera, Cutadapt, DB Browser for SQLite, Dock, DSSAT, Envision, Fastqc, FDS, Fragstats FUSION, GAMESS, Gaussian, GaussSum, GaussView, GDAL, GNUPlot, Grace, HEC-RAS, HISAT2, IRIS, Jupyter, Landis-II, LASTools, Maple, MATLAB, MaxQuant, MEGA, MGLTools

Software N-Z:

NCO, NWChem, Octave, OpenFOAM, PALM, ParView, Proj, Puma-EM, Python, QGIS, QTIME, Quantum Espresso, R, RStudio, SAGE, SALOME, Samtools, SAS, SeisSpace, Seismic Unix, Slicer, SPSS, StringTie, Synda, STAR-CCM, Texlive, Tinker, TrimGalore, VAPOR, VisIt, VSCode, WASP

**TIGER storage is intended to store files and data for current projects. It is not intended to be used for general or long-term storage. If you need archival storage, there is OURRstore available in Oklahoma.

Funding for the OSU research cloud (TIGER) was provided through the Oklahoma EPSCoR Track I award, "Adapting socio-ecological systems to increased climate variability." 


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