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Dissertations & theses

  1. Andreason, Sharon. (2016). Discrimination and transcriptional response analysis of hemipteran phytopathogens [dissertation]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Astri Wayadande.

  2. Miao, Z. (2016 May). Combinatorial and global optimization approaches to the maximum quasi-clique [dissertation]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Baski Balasundaram.

  3. Mohanty, R.P. (2016). Pollen biology and landscape ecology of Juniperus: An integrative study using quantitative molecular approaches, ultrastructure and habitat modeling [dissertation]. [Tulsa, OK]: Department of Biology, University of Tulsa. Advisor(s): Estelle Levetin & Mark Buccheim.

  4. Moradi, E. (2016 May). Decomposition algorithms for detecting low-diameter clusters in graphs [dissertation]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Baski Balasundaram.

  5. Mortazavian, H. (2016 May). Polymer adsorption on silica and wettability of graphene oxide surfaces, experiments and simulations [dissertation]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Frank Blum.

  6. Li, X. (2016 May). Microbial communities in soil ecosystems under different land uses [dissertation]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Plant & Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Shiping Deng.

  7. Sun, L. (2016 May). Modeling the Oklahoma Mesonet data with a multivariate spatial Dirichlet process mixture [master's thesis]. [Stillwater, OK]: Department of Statistics, Oklahoma State University. Advisor: Ye Liang.




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