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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

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OSU HPCC welcomes Grandparent University

Since 2003, the OSU Alumni Association has welcomed OSU Legacies ages 7 to 13 and their grandparents to campus for a unique intergenerational learning experience at Grandparent University (GPU). This three-day summer camp is a fun-filled experience that actively engages kids in academics at OSU while creating memories for grandparents and their grandchildren.

The Legacies enroll in one of the provided majors. After completing the program they “graduate” with a certificate in their chosen field. For the third year, OSU Chemistry professor and OSU HPCC user Dr. Chris Fennell has participated in GPU. His June 23-24, 2016 class, "Molecular World Building" used hands-on molecule-building kits created with the chemistry department's 3-D printer to give grandparents and legacies a physical idea of how molecules are structured. The class also allowed grandparents and legacies to design their own molecule for 3-D printing and to interact with a visualization of the molecule using the department's Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

On day two of the workshop, Fennell brought the Legacies and their grandparents to the OSU HPCC offices so they could tour the Cowboy supercomputer, which was instrumental in running the data necessary to make their molecular visualizations overnight. OSU HPCC director Dana Brunson led the tours through the data center as well as gave the groups a preview of the room in which the OSU HPCC's new and more powerful supercomputer, Pistol Pete, will be housed by the end of the year.