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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

User Policies

All account holders on OSU High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) facilities are subject to all OSU IT policies listed here. In particular, all HPCC users should read and understand:

Additional policies required for using HPCC facilities:

  • Users are solely responsible for the security of their programs and data. Users are responsible for backing up critical data. File systems are very reliable, however, data can be lost or damaged due to media failures, software bugs, hardware failures, and other problems.
  • Users who have not accessed their accounts in six months will have their login account inactivated for security reasons.  Inactive accounts may be subject to automatic deletion of all files in /scratch/username.   Users can request that the account is re-enabled by sending an email to: this will not recover deleted files.
  • Logins to OSU HPCC computers will be by secure shell (SSH.)
  • Sharing user accounts is prohibited. Only one person per account.
  • OSU HPCC facilities are a shared resource. All jobs must be submitted to the job scheduling system. Users' disk space is subject to quotas for fair distribution of resources. Jobs that leave entire nodes idle will be killed and an email sent to the user.
  • Users should contact an OSU HPCC administrator regarding any changes to their contact information.
  • Users are required to notify OSU HPCC of any presentation or publication that results entirely, or in part, from the use of OSU HPCC resources. If possible, and practical, please send an electronic copy to
  • Users are asked to include the following line as acknowledgement of the OSU HPCC facility use: This work was completed utilizing the High Performance Computing Center facilities of Oklahoma State University at Stillwater.