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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Job Queues

Cowboy's job queues facilitate fair share scheduling of the resources. To use a particular queue, put in your submission script.

The queues are:

  • batch: The 'batch' queue is the default queue. The walltime limit is 120 hours (120:00:00). If your job needs to run longer than this and your software does not have checkpoint/restart capabilities, please email for assistance as far in advance of your need as possible.

  • express: The 'express' queue is for short jobs and debugging/testing scripts. The express queue contains 2 compute nodes and has a walltime limit of one hour (1:00:00).

  • bigmem: The 'bigmem' queue directs jobs to one of the two compute nodes that have 256 GB RAM and a NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPU card. The walltime limit is 120 hours (120:00:00).

  • killable: The 'killable' queue is for long running jobs that are unable to use a checkpoint/restart feature. The walltime limit is 504 hours (504:00:00). Jobs in this queue are subject to being killed, at the discretion of HPCC administrators, for hardware and software issues.