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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

HPC Education Resources

Very basic video lectures

General Purpose Tutorial Sites

Basic Linux

Create and modify files

  • The emacs editor (M-(char) means press the esc key then (char), C-(char) means hold down the control key and hit (char))
  • nano - nano has some problems with wrapping lines if they are long, to avoid this use this option with nano: nano -w


is a means to perform more complex tasks. Understanding this is useful for submitting jobs

Writing parallel programs

Supercomputing in Plain English at OU

Henry Neeman at OU is hosting an annual set of workshops about High Performance Computing called Supercomputing in Plain English. Learn more about how supercomputers work and how to use them by watching and participating through exercises. All the videos and slides are available here.
Computational Science Education resources