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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Cloud File Transfers

  • Globus is an online service to facilitate fault tolerant large data transfers. The OSU Research Cloud is setup as an 'endpoint' with the name 'okstate#cloud_dtn'. To use Globus go here
    • You can set up your computer as the other endpoint by downloading the Globus personal client here.
    • The Globus website has several quick start guides here. 
  • Globus can be utilized easily by following these steps:
    • ​Create an account with Globus Online.
    • ​Verify the account and login to Globus.
    • Find the "Manage Data" drop down menu and click "Transfer Files".
    • You should find yourself on a screen similar to this one:

Log in to Globus with OKEY credentials

  • The endpoint for files on the Cloud is: okstate#cloud_dtn
  • Authenticate to access this endpoint.
    • Enter username in the form of: your_okey_shortname
    • Password will be your OKEY password
  • Set your path to: /data/users/your_okey_shortname
  • Once both endpoints are entered correctly, clicking one of the arrows will commence file transfer.


For more information or to get started, visit