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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Checking Job Status

There are two basic commands that show all the jobs running on the cluster:
To show just your own jobs, follow it with the grep command:
showq | grep <username>
qstat | grep <username>
To quickly find what nodes your job is running on:
qstat -n <jobid>
To check on your own job:
checkjob <jobid>
To see the standard output for your job while it is running:
qpeek <jobid>
Stopping Jobs
If you need to stop currently running jobs, you can use the qdel command.
qdel <jobid>
If you need to stop all of your currently running jobs, you can pipe together a few commands to do so: 
qstat -a | grep `whoami` | qdel `cut -b 0-6`
If the above command gives you the error:
qdel: Unknown Job ...
Check the digits and change the 6 in the command above to reflect the number of digits in the jobid.
Checking Node Utlization of Jobs
If you need to check the cpu load or memory usage of your jobs:.
checkmyjobs -f
This will list the nodes, your jobs running on them with the memory use and average load.