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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Changing Your Password

  • Log in to Cowboy using your login user name and current password.
  • At the command prompt, type:   passwd
  • You'll be prompted to enter your current password.
    • **NOTE**Nothing will appear as you type, this is completely normal.
  • You'll be prompted to enter a new password.
    • Please use strong passwords! An example of a good password would contain a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Dictionary words will not be recognized. A password generator website can help provide strong passwords.
  • You'll be prompted to enter your new password again.
    • **NOTE** if the new password does not match the second time, you will get an error message and your password will not change. Please begin the process again by typing passwd.


Visit our New User Tutorial for more instructions on the basics of navigating Cowboy.