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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research



The High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) facilitates computational and data-intensive research across a wide variety of disciplines by providing students, faculty and staff with cyberinfrastructure resources, cloud services, education and training, bioinformatics assistance, proposal support and collaboration.  

By placing advanced technology in the hands of the academic population, research can be done more quickly, less expensively, and with greater certainty of success.

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HPCC Timeline

2007 - The OSU High Performance Computing Center is established with the Bullet cluster. Dana Brunson is hired as the center's director. Bullet ends 2007 with 19 accounts.

2008 - "Spur" is added as a large memory resource. Accounts increase to more than 50 for the year.

2009 - The HPCC debuts a new cluster, "Pistol Pete." Accounts increase to approximately 70 for the year.

2011 - A $908,812 National Science Foundation MRI grant allows the HPCC to begin planning for a new cluster. Accounts increase to more than 150 users for the year.

2012 - The HPCC debuts its new cluster Cowboy. The HPCC hires a full-time systems administrator. Accounts increase to more than 200 for the year.

2013 - Accounts increase to 264 for the year.

2014 - The HPCC hires both a full-time research cyberinfrastructure analyst and a program coordinator. Accounts increase to 387 for the year.

2015The HPCC is awarded another $951,570 NSF grant to fund a new cluster. The Interactive Graphical Environment for Research (TIGER) debuts. The HPCC hires a full-time bioinformatics specialistAccounts increase to 534 for the year. 

2016 -  The HPCC begins renovations for a new data center to prepare for its new cluster (to be named Pistol Pete). Accounts increase to a little more than 800 for the year. 

2017 - The HPCC, in partnership with OSU Libraries, hosts the inaugural CADRE conference.

2018 - The HPCC debuts the Pistol Pete 2 Cluster. The number of HPCC accounts increases to 1,200 users.