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Chemical Engineering grad student speaks to HPC undergrad class

Atiya Banerjee, a chemical engineering Ph.D. student on fellowship at Oklahoma State University, spent the afternoon of October 11 speaking to the undergraduate students in the MATH 2910: High Performance Computing in Mathematics course taught by OSU HPCC director Dana Brunson. 

Atiya Banerjee and OSU HPCC Director Dana Brunson at the 2016 Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 

Atiya works with Dr. Jindal Shah on a research project involving computational investigations into the biodegradability of ionic liquids. Impacts of this research could include a significant reduction in air emissions, increased spectrum of the applications of ionic liquids and a shift in the dynamics of biodegradability studies.

Atiya uses Gaussian on the Cowboy supercomputer to address his systems of study quantum mechanically to understand various parameters that are thermodynamic and non-thermodynamic in nature. Atiya told the class what would take him 14 days using a single processing node could be done in roughly one day on Cowboy by distributing the workload across multiple nodes.

Visualizations Banerjee created for his research project

This marks the second time an OSU graduate student has presented how high performance computing is used with a research project to the MATH 2910 class. Last semester Geography Ph.D. student Matt Haffner spoke to the class about using Cowboy to parse key information from large files of raw Twitter data for a volunteered geographic information project.