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Oklahoma State University
High Performance Computing Center

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OSU HPCC and Libraries Host Second Annual CADRE Conference

Plenary talk by Amy Friedlander
Keynote speaker, Amy Friedlander, presents
Why Cyberinfrastructure is more than Boxes, Wires, and Bits.

OSU HPCC and Libraries jointly hosted the second annual Coalition for Advancing Digital Research and Education (CADRE) Conference at the Wes Watkins Center on April 18, 2018. Participants listened to presentations by keynote speaker Amy Friedlander (Deputy Direction of the National Science Foundation Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure) and plenary speakers Alison Langmead (Director of the University of Pittsburgh Visual Media Workshop) and Thomas Lombardi (Assistant Professor of Computing and Information at the University of the Virgin Islands). Afternoon “breakout” presentations focused on three themes: digital agriculture, libraries and digital humanities, and digital service providers.

Researchers are often unaware of digital resources available to aid their research. Perceiving this need, the OSU High Performance Computing Center, a division of the OSU Research Office, has teamed up annually with the OSU Libraries to organize the conference and bring together both digital service providers and researchers.

Beakout session
Breakout session.

The conference is designed to facilitate non-traditional collaborations and provide researchers with new opportunities. In feedback surveys, one participant commented on how much they enjoyed the “highly diverse disciplines involved.” Registrants came from backgrounds that included engineering, life sciences, information technology, geology, and art history. Another conference-goer felt “the opportunity to network across disciplines and institutions is the most important aspect of the CADRE conference.”

Over 200 people participated in this year’s conference. Participants came from several states, twenty-three academic institutions, twelve commercial organizations, two government agencies, and three non-governmental organizations. One of the highlights of the conference was the evening poster session on April 17th, where twenty-three students gave poster presentations of their research. Attendees voted on their favorite poster at the end of the evening.

Evening poster reception
Evening poster reception.

Congratulations to the poster reception People’s Choice winners: Alexandra Cassidy (Representation of Characters by Gender Across Video Game Covers of Different Ratings), Utkarsh Kapoor (Excess CO2 Gas Solubility in Non-Ideal Binary Ionic Liquid Mixture, a Molecular Simulation Study), and Kate Korneva (Understanding Perceived Retail Crowding (PRC) through Virtual Reality (VR) and Neuroimaging). “The poster presentation was fantastic! It was great to see a variety of disciplines represented,” one attendee commented on their survey. The conference committee is excited to see the positive effect CADRE is having on research across the region.